Creative Photography in Hamburg NY

Senior Portrait by Creative Photography in Hamburg, NY

Senior Photo by Creative Photography in Hamburg, NY

Senior Photography by Creative Photography in Hamburg, NY

Senior Photography by Creative Photography in Hamburg, NY


Your school photographer?

Are you sure? Don't be taken in by the studio that makes your appointment for you. You can go to any "studio" that you want and still be in the yearbook. Do you really want to take a chance on a chain photography studio that hires extra help during the senior season, or the "person" who can only take outdoor pictures for you because they don't have a studio? Think your senior portraits have to be awkward with fake smiles and bogus backgrounds? THINK AGAIN! You should have a collection of images that is much more than that.

In 2010, Creative Photography was proclaimed one of the
Top High School Senior Photographers in the United States
by Senior Photographers International!


Don't hire your hairdresser, accountant or uncle Bob to capture your Senior Portraits. Professionally done portraits are the best way to preserve your last year in high school. Hiring a photographer just because they have a phone # and a website, will leave you regretting the fact that you didn't hire a professional studio to capture these "once in a life time" portraits.

  • Why stand in line, watching, while other seniors are being photographed on the same background over, and over again?
  • Why settle with the same rushed 10 minute session with the expressions in every photograph?

Our sessions are relaxed and allow your TRUE personality to shine. Every one of your photographs will look different. Each will have a background custom-selected for the outfits you bring. No assembly-line photos allowed here.

How will I Look?

This is not your school photographer

Gary has been on the cutting edge of what's hot in senior portraits for years. He know's how to coordinate your outfit with any one of dozens of different backgrounds to get the perfect look. Take a close look at our portrait Gallery!

His easy going manner will help you to be relaxed and totally at ease in front of the camera. You'll hardly even know you're being photographed!


You'll Love our Outdoor Studio

Most of our seniors can't wait to be photographed on our outdoor studio. The good thing is it won't cost you a penny more, and you don't have to travel to different locations to get the look that YOU want. Great looks on our popular beach , Victorian Porch & Swing, 1946 Chevy & Ford Trucks, Hammock, Boat Dock and wild flower gardens. We will give your portraits that natural look, you just don't get at every studio.

Really want to personalize your session? Bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, new car, or new puppy. We'll photograph you in our outdoor studio with the love of your life!

Take a close look at the lighting. Our photography will never have that "Flashy" look, and the outdoor scenes are real. Many studios try to imitate us but they can't match us when it comes to good looking poses partnered with the proper lighting to achieve that natural and believable setting!

Custom Senior Collages

Custom Senior Collages by Creative Photography Custom Senior Collages by Creative Photography Custom Senior Collages by Creative Photography

Hey Parents!! You'll love our newly updated specialized collages, just for High School Seniors.
Select 2- 5 favorite poses and make a specialized collage unique as you.

Click here to view our Full Color

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